German Accordion

One of the things I have been working with during my apprenticeship is digital printing on handmade paper. I have been experimenting with how to feed handmade paper through my Epson inkjet printer and how to mask off sections of paper as a resist. I have been doing digital printing on fabric for years and have found that the process translates well.

Below is the development of a sculptural book in the form of a German Accordion fold. I didn't think this book form was all that interesting until I started working with it- now I think it has so much potential. Claudia suggested that it would make a good a wall piece, and I totally agree.
1. I practiced the scale and the cut-outs with Canson paper.

2. I remade the form with digitally printed handmade paper, choosing the parts of the sample book that I liked. (The digital image is a color copy of a quilt that resembles topography.)

3. I then sewed signatures made of vintage maps into the cut outs.