Artist Visit: Sandy Webster

As one of our last studio visits before the conclusion of the grant (with the TN Master Craft Artist/ Apprentice Program), Claudia insisted that we visit the multi-multi-media artist Sandy Webster, and while she lives in Brasstown NC, she still often teaches in TN (and well.. she's just that awesome, so we have to include her). Her work is mesmerizing, combining the things I love about some of my favorite well-known artists like Joseph Cornell and Lee Bontecou. I identify with her affinity to collect things and her work has a history and sense of time. It just feels good to look at- her materials are really worked, aged to perfection.

Sandy makes quilts, weavings, prints, paintings, sculptures, books, boxes, and many many other things. She makes. A lot. She has written, illustrated, and bound a book on her own research creating pigments from soil (Gathering and Processing Pigments from the Earth -available from her website). She is also a creative troubleshooter- she teaches creative thinking through exercises she herself has developed and she is sought after for critiques and valuable input.

Her work and lifestyle are as inspiring as they are intense, and I left Sandy with a renewed energy for my work.

*for a photo of Sandy herself and many more works, check out her website: http://www.sandywebster.com/ linked on the right hand side of this page.